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The aQuadrat-Team has been active since 2001 as a landscape planning agency in Austria and beyond.

The motto „We build bridges between nature and technics” guides us to work for the solution of conflicts between nature and its human utilization.

aQuadrat offers services backed by various references in the following areas of activity:
- Landscape planning / planning of danger zones / sectoral planning for water bodies
- Environmental impact assessments (EIA)
- Building inspection concerning ecological aspects
- Expertises / investigations / mappings
- Applications for GIS (geographic information system).

Our team consist of
- Michaela Tiß-Schreiber, Msc in urban and regional planning, University of Technology, Vienna, qualifying examination for technical bureaus
- Petra Laister, Msc in landscape planning, University of Life Sciences, Vienna.

Our approach is
- to analyse in detail and evaluate in interrelations,
- to elaborate on solutions involving all project stakeholders and experts,
- to implement a solution according to the latest state of the art, sustainable and in time.

Contact aQuadrat | DI Michaela Tiß-Schreiber
Haidlweg 38, A-4600 Wels, Austria
t: +43 – 7242 - 35 20 4
f: +43 – 7242 - 35 20 - 44
e-mail: office@tb-aquadrat.at